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Fancy Pants Childrens Boutique, San Angelo, TX
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Fancy Pants Childrens Boutique, San Angelo, TX

.I am the owner of Fancy Pants Children's Boutique in San Angelo, TX. I absolutely love Cuddle Couture!! I have it in the store and its always a customer favorite!! They are the best gift for any occasion and you can add monogramming to personalize!! On a personal note, I own a LOT of Cuddle Couture blankets and they are fantastic!!! Each one of our family members own at least one with our names monogrammed on them! My daughter will NOT even take a nap without a Cuddle Couture Blanket! They wash so well and last for years!!! They are the best baby gift, birthday gift, graduation gift, and grandparent gift! We always give Cuddle blankets for gifts! They are blankets that will last a lifetime! Love.love.love them!